Company Introduction

Landshore Enterprises, LLC, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is a turnkey national design-build environmental company specializing in shoreline erosion repair and control and restoration challenges. If your current need is to merely repair erosion structures, we are also very experienced in providing you with the best in repair services.  Established over a decade ago, we have provided our services of excellence to golf courses, homeowner associations (managed properties), private residences, and city governments.  Because of our talented Engineering Department you can be assured that your shoreline erosion project with be built to last!

We are aware that most clients do not understand the multifaceted reasons causing their shoreline erosion nor the risks associated with it. Because we want you to thoroughly understand your erosion issues, we encourage our clients to ask questions pertinent to their particular situation so that we can answer them to your satisfaction. Our communication with you will be exact and thorough as we want you to feel fully comfortable when making your final decision to become our client.

Engineering, Designing and Construction

Landshore® Enterprises is very conscientious about completing projects that reflect professionalism to the highest degree. We take a great deal of pride in each contracted service, no matter how large or small the project is. As a client, you expect the best service for the best value, and we maintain full confidence in delivering those expectations to you. Our engineering expertise ensures that we will provide you with the best possible solution at the best possible price based on thorough research, investigation, and data interpretation from the job site. Due to using engineering practices, you can be assured that your shoreline erosion solution will endure for the longest amount of time possible, the number of construction hours required for job completion is being billed accurately, and even the precise amount of quality materials for the best solution is being used.  Our talented group of employees researches and investigates public records on the subject site, conducts surveys, performs various tests such as measuring soil density and analyzes results. From all the compiled information and subsequent analysis, can we then understand the historical and current nature of the erosion changes concerning water levels, the amount of erosion loss over time, the slope of the eroded shoreline, and the stability of the surrounding soil.

The Muscle Behind Our Company

Even though the various departments in our company all contribute to our success, we would not exist without our construction team members They take great pride in their work. Landshore® Enterprises has received a lot of positive feedback from clients stating the team members were “considerate, kept the work area clean, and were very pleasant workers”. We place a lot of attention on building our construction teams with the best members for each team based on their demeanor and skills so that each team can maximize their effectiveness and efficiency. This “best fit” mentality ensures that projects are completed just as designed and on time.

Our Clients

Landshore Enterprises extends our warmest thanks to our clients!  We have a deep appreciation for them and would not be in business today without them. From our perspective, we feel our relationship is more of a special “partnership” than just a contract with a client.  We want to work with each other in a way that is both communicative and constructive.  And we appreciate all comments which are always very helpful to us.