Eco-Filter Tube

The majority of our projects involve the installation of our Eco-Filter Tube, EFT™. It is an extremely economical erosion solution that is adequate to handle many shoreline erosion issues, though the specific application of this erosion solution will be determined by our Engineering Department. The material for the tubes is made of permeable polypropylene which is hydraulically pumped with sand and organic matter from either the site’s lake bottom, or if the sand is inadequate in quantity or quality, then sand will be brought to the job site. Once filled and properly placed based on engineering specifications and depending on the number of tubes required, the EFT™s will endure for many years.

The implementation of our EFT™ system makes the tubes ideal for many shoreline situations not only because this solution is very economical.. Eroded land can be reclaimed and due to the tubes’ flexibility, they can be easily shaped to conform to the flow of the original shoreline. The weight-filled tubes become a permanent structure providing strength for controlling future erosion and weight for soil stability. In addition, the sand filling the tubes is wonderful for allowing proper drainage. The sand in the tubes functions as a filter which prevents fertilizer and other dangerous chemicals from washing directly into the water. And quality of the lake water is enhanced by the tube protection as it keeps environmental threats away from entering the body of water.  With the use of EFT™’s, the need to bring heavy equipment to the job site is bypassed, preventing the possibility of damage from the large weight of the equipment. With no heavy equipment, costs are also minimized with no need to buy or rent equipment. The Eco-Filter Tube™ also enables Landshore® Enterprises to easily maneuver through small areas and heavily wooded shorelines. Another advantage to using our EFT™ is that when a shoreline is restored, any type of plant, shrub, or ground cover can be planted. Once a project is completed and sod is planted, the tubes are hidden from view for an aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

EFT_1  EFT_2

Summarized Benefits

  • Most cost-effective erosion solution
  • Excellent way to reclaim lost land
  • Extremely durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Able to be shaped along shoreline border


  • No heavy equipment required that can damage area
  • Becomes a natural filter for chemical run-off
  • Weight provides tremendous soil stability
  • Aesthetically-pleasing after sod installation
  • Able to easily maneuver in areas inaccessible to other erosion products