Engineering for Non-structural Solutions

Button.WhatWe Do.Prod.Serv.Engineering.bathy1Landshore® Enterprises, LLC is committed to the process and successful results of all completed projects. Because our long-term objective is to provide clients with whom we contract the best solutions available, we rely a great deal on our Engineering Department. It is responsible for the integrity of the design-build repair project accomplished by researching, investigating, testing, interpreting and designing the construction project that will control and protect the shoreline from future erosion. In addition, necessary permits are obtained; the Department will make your project last as long as possible based on their analysis of compiled engineering calculations.
stability_calculationEngineering greatly reduces the risks and liability to you by ensuring that the precise amount of materials and labor hours to perform the job are determined before the project begins which is reflected in the pricing as stated in your design-build proposal. Also, you will be able to compare comparable estimates from other contractors based on accurate written line items. By using an engineer, you will be protected by the engineering industry’s acceptable minimum standards to ensure that the performed work will not result in deficiencies. We WILL stand behind our warranty.    Landshore’s® construction design and stated warranty are backed by hydrologic/hydraulic analysis as approved by FEMA’s risk assessment methodology. All of our projects receive approval from Federal, State, County, City and any other government agencies having jurisdiction.

typical_sectionBy analyzing past historical governmental documents of the job site, Landshore® can determine such facts as the historical water levels of the body of water to be repaired. If any structural enhancement has been added to the lake, that will be taken into account as the flow and direction of water can impact shoreline erosion. By performing hydrographic surveys from the edge of the water to the lake bottom, great insight is provided for designing the structural shoreline application, as the gradient of the lake’s slope becomes known. Even soil stability is analyzed to know how much weight capacity the slope of the lake can withstand.
cs-eng-Tube InstallationIf during the preliminary research and investigation phase, it is discovered that the job site presents dangerous conditions which cannot be corrected by nonstructural methods, Landshore® Enterprises may offer our clients professional design services which might include Structural Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, and/or from other pertinent fields of professionals.