Considerations when Selecting a Contractor

Considerations when Selecting a Contractor

Any owner who is expecting adequate performance from their contractor and wishes to avoid litigation or conflicts during work should have proper contract documents, professionally prepared, before the start of construction. This includes:

  1. An invitation to bid with work description, content, purpose, response forms, bidding requirements, award criteria, quantities and any additional criteria.
  2. Technical Specifications for each product with site preparation and installation requirements.
  3. A standard agreement between the Owner and Contractor for a project scope.

These documents cover important questions which may arise: retainage, payment method, progress payments, changes to work, final payment, insurance, warranty, owner’s rights, dispute resolution, taxes, permits, fees, compliance, schedule, access, indemnification, protection of persons and property, liability, worker’s compensation, liens, termination and many others. Landshore® are often called to correct work of other contractors who did not follow the proper procedures.

Landshore® provides the following for all our projects:

  • Equipment capabilities for any size project, both owned or rented.
  • 99% permanently employed workers by the company.
  • On-site key personnel with supervisory and technical competence.
  • Adequate additional equipment in case of a breakdown.
  • No more than 30 percent of project value are sub-contracted.
  • More than ten years of successful installation practice specific to Eco-Filter Tubes®.
  • A list of five recent references.
  • Projects are bonded to protect owners.
  • High familiarity with FDEP rules and the installation of floating turbidity barriers.
  • Proficient maintenance of traffic in accordance to FDOT standard criteria.
  • Substance abuse policy is always in place.
  • Commercial diver certificates for all dredging divers.

Happy Clients are a direct result of due diligence.