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The process of dredging for shoreline restoration is to excavate an area under water with the purpose of gathering bottom sediments and using it to build or restore an existing shoreline. This process ensures an eco-friendly application as it uses sediment found naturally at the site. Dredging also results in a healthier lake or pond. As the sediment is dredged (pumped from the lake bottom), it creates a cleaner and clearer waterway. Often, Landshore® will recommend dredging as it is beneficial to the lake or pond, and a cost-effective solution for the customer.

Dredging requires topographic and bathymetric surveys to determine if any seepage has occurred or if any underwater slope failures created severe erosion. Our process ensures that dredging does not undermine proper lake stabilization. We always want to ensure the safety of our dredging operators, property owners and workers and vehicles in the immediate vicinity of a shoreline.

Dredging example

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