Environmental Engineering


Landshore® Enterprises, LLC, is committed to the process of shoreline restoration and proper shoreline erosion control with successful results of all completed projects. Our long-term objective is to provide clients with shoreline erosion solutions available. As a shoreline restoration company, we rely a great deal on our Engineering Department to analyze erosion problems and [...]

Articulated Concrete Mat


Utilizing Revetment Mats to Prevent Erosion Articulated Concrete Mats (ACB), also known as Revetment Mats, ACB Mats, Flexamat, or Shoreflex, are revetment systems often used to prevent shifting subgrades and ensure proper watershed in flood-prone areas. They are an affordable and durable erosion control solution that’s pleasing to the eye. How It Works The [...]

Eco-Filter Tubes


Eco-Filter Tube (EFT®) Solution Many of our erosion control projects involve the installation of our Eco-Filter Tube (EFT®). The effects of soil erosion through wave action, wind, and aquatic species, can be devastating. EFT® is a very economical embankment restoration solution. The material for the tubes is made of permeable polypropylene, filled with sand and [...]



Gabion refers to an enclosure such as a cage, box or wired structure filled with rough materials such as rocks, concrete, sand or soil to create a revetment wall in landscaping and embankment repair projects. It is often used when building roads or to direct water flow in canals and creeks and prevent scouring. [...]

Erosion Control Panels


The modern, lightweight and durable Erosion Control Panel (ECP) is a patented erosion restoration product and licensed to Landshore® exclusively for installation. The ECP stabilizes soils on shoreline embankments, creating a low-maintenance and structurally stable environment for long-term sustainability. The ECP is especially beneficial for non-cohesive granular infill materials. The ECP system minimizes erosion [...]



Rock and cement riprap is a slope stabilization method using multiple rocks, normally made from limestone or granite that are loosely placed together to control erosion. A good solution is typically clean fieldstone or quarry stone with a diameter of no less than 6 inches and no greater than 48 inches. Riprap installation takes [...]

Turf Reinforcement Mat


A High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) is a mat made of a unique three-dimensional matrix of polypropylene material that has a high tensile strength for the purposes of ground stabilization.  The mats are especially beneficial for sandy soils, UV exposed sites, and where vegetation grows. Available in different sizes and variable thicknesses, TRMs are [...]

Retaining Walls


Retaining Walls come in different shapes and materials but serves primarily as a barrier to retain soil and thus prevent flooding and erosion. A retaining wall is always anchored to resist pressure from water or soil flow. It can also act as a method of drainage with proper channeling away from landscaping or sensitive [...]



GeoWeb (or GeoCells) are specialty three-dimensional structures made for slope and channel protection. The cells are filled with materials such as topsoil, gravel, crushed rock or in some cases, concrete. The goal of GeoWeb is to hold the upper soil layer in place on a slope to prevent washout from sheet flow, wave [...]

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