What does an Engineering Study from Landshore® mean?

By means of an Engineering Study, Landshore®’s in-house team of engineers conduct a comprehensive study of not just your shoreline, but your community, drainage system, and environment. This allows us to provide our clients with a complete analysis of drainage and erosion concerns. Using this analysis, we then develop plans for your waterways. These plans are heavily scrutinized. Signed and sealed by state licensed professional engineers, these plans contain the necessary requirements to meet city, state, and water district standards. The result is a clear and concise plan of action for your shorelines, backed by our engineers, permits, and government entities.

You may be thinking, is an Engineering Study necessary?

Too often, Landshore® is called to repair failing erosion control systems where plans and permits weren’t in place. We understand the need to follow the most cost-friendly route, but it can leave lingering effects, and often much sooner than clients realize.

An example of this would be our calls to examine failing shorelines.

You hired a contractor who promised one geo-tube or sock around the shoreline. At first, everything looks great, the sod is fresh, and the geo-tubes are hidden. But after a year or so, perhaps even a heavy season of rainfall, the tubes are exposed, possibly torn and rolling into the pond.

The problem here is that without a comprehensive study of the shoreline, erosion control products can be placed too high or below the water level, sections of the shoreline may have needed more or less product, drainage issues may occur, or there may be improper products or inadequate installation, among other problems. Here’s an example: Repairing a failing geo-tube installation.

When Landshore® begins construction, we’re aware of these concerns. With certainty, we define the specifications and application of our erosion control products.

There have been instances when the community’s board plans for X amount of shoreline repair at X amount cost, but our study finds that while the board planned for X amount, they may only need Y amount for substantial portions, which results in much more accurate construction costs.

These plans are quite extensive and cover several lakes, ponds and waterways. Must our community prepare for all these construction costs at once?

No. Each lake has a priority and while some may require immediate attention, others can be restored in due time.

For example:

Your community has 7 lakes and ponds, but for three lakes the erosion has created steep, unsafe embankments, and is nearing structures.

These three lakes will be given priority, studied, and designed for shoreline protection activities. These plans will remain relevant over the years so as the project is being phased out by priority, Landshore® and your community can then focus on the lower priority areas at a later date. Here’s an excellent example: Waterford HOA Shoreline Restoration Shows the Way.

What if I just want erosion control products along the shoreline and don’t see the need for an Engineering Study?

While Landshore® will follow this course of action, it is not one we recommend. Different products can be installed along the shoreline and provide temporary relief from erosion. However, without a comprehensive study and design, taking this route may result in further costs down the road. Our analysis not only determines the preferred erosion control product, but how they are installed and maintained.

Landshore®’s Engineering Study offers a long-lasting solution. Much of our business is based on customer referrals and because of this we are weary to pursue projects that lack a comprehensive study. We want to give our customers the longest lasting solution that’s specially tailored to their needs—and that’s accomplished by an Engineering Study.

During this process, we want to be as informative and transparent as we can possibly be for our clients. As we mentioned at the introduction of this statement, this can be a complex process and we want to be there to help and explain every detail. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Landshore® at (941) 303-5238 or via email at Info@Landshore.com.

Landshore® looks forward to working with you.