The modern, lightweight and durable Erosion Control Panel (ECP) is a patented erosion restoration product and licensed to Landshore® exclusively for installation. The ECP stabilizes soils on shoreline embankments, creating a low-maintenance and structurally stable environment for long-term sustainability. The ECP is especially beneficial for non-cohesive granular infill materials. The ECP system minimizes erosion problems caused by water contact, surface flow and wave action, such as creek, lake, and pond erosion applications.

At its core, the ECP has a cellular structure that improves resistance to erosion forces on steep, unstable ground or slopes exposed to severe hydraulic and mechanical stresses. The cellular confinement improves the performance of vegetated slopes by reinforcing root systems and directing hydraulic flows over the top of the cells. The cells therefore act as a series of small ‘check dams’, preventing formation rills and gullies. It dissipates energy throughout and underneath the cells and confines the fill materials within the cells.

Typical installation consists of two panel sections centered at the main water table elevation. This reinforces the upper soil layer and resists erosive conditions as well as sliding forces beyond the limits of other systems. The ECP provides a long-term solution with sustainable vegetation and permeable aggregate. During water fluctuations, it offers better resistance to soil loss caused by saturation. Studies show that the effectiveness of the ECP with established vegetation handles flow velocities up to 30 feet per second.