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Specializing in Soil Erosion Control, Shoreline Protection, Shoreline Restoration, Shoreline Stabilization and Dewatering since 2002 for Ponds, Lakes and Creeks.


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Landshore® Enterprises, LLC, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and headquartered in Venice, Florida, is a turnkey national design-build environmental company specializing in shoreline erosion control, repair and restoration challenges. Landshore® uses non-structural, bio-engineering and bio-technical methods to fulfill the demands of our clients.

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Navigating Bathymetric Surveys for Healthy Lakes and Ponds

Navigating Bathymetric Surveys for Healthy Lakes and Ponds

Bathymetric surveys are a crucial tool for homeowners with waterfront property. If you've ever wondered about the secrets hidden beneath the surface of your lake or pond, this is your guide to unlocking the mysteries of underwater topography. In this article, we'll...

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Erosion Control Tips: What is ‘Rock Riprap’?

Erosion Control Tips: What is ‘Rock Riprap’?

Rock riprap is a commonly used erosion control measure that involves placing large, durable rocks or stones along shorelines, riverbanks, slopes, or other areas prone to erosion. It acts as a protective layer to reduce the erosive forces of water and prevent the loss...

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