A High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) is a mat made of a unique three-dimensional matrix of polypropylene material that has a high tensile strength for the purposes of ground stabilization.  The mats are especially beneficial for sandy soils, UV exposed sites, and where vegetation grows.

Available in different sizes and variable thicknesses, TRMs are used to provide temporary cover for bare soil, long term support for vegetation and permanent armoring against sheer stress caused by flowing water.

Typically used in conjunction with grass and other seed on regular slopes, TRMs can also be deployed on long, steep slopes or high velocity channels rather than erosion control blankets. Pending the design, TRMs provide excellent drainage features. Most often, it is protected from the sun and the elements when vegetation and soil allow for adequate coverage.

Turf Reinforcement Mats are often deployed as a green alternative to stone riprap, pavement or other forms of hard armoring.

Various Turf Reinforcement Mat installations include:

  • Along swales, spillways and other drainage areas
  • Coconut matting installation to prevent sheet flow
  • Filter fabric for rock riprap or drainage applications