Gabion refers to an enclosure such as a cage, box or wired structure filled with rough materials such as rocks, concrete, sand or soil to create a revetment wall in landscaping and embankment repair projects. It is often used when building roads or to direct water flow in canals and creeks and prevent scouring.

The practice is applicable wherever slope steepness or erosion potential exceeds the management capacity of less complicated applications.

Other uses include retaining walls, channel revetments, abutments, check dams, floodwalls and silt filtration from runoff at small dams, river training or channel lining.

Gabion baskets have advantages over loose riprap because of their modularity and ability to be stacked in various shapes. Gabions have advantages over more rigid structures, because they can conform to subsidence, dissipate energy from flowing water and resist being washed away, and they drain freely. Their strength and effectiveness may increase with time in some cases, as silt and vegetation fill the interstitial voids and reinforce the structure. Reno mattress is another variation that can be utilized as riverbank protection and channel linings.

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