Landshore® endeavors to provide fair and consistent pricing on all our projects. We are extremely sensitive to budgets and understand the decision-making process of our clients. We strive to be the most competitive but that is not always a priority if the best solutions are demanded. Irrespective of price, we are committed to a long-term solution for erosion restoration.

Our Landshore® team enjoys our work and takes pride in it. The greatest compliment is a referral from a satisfied customer. For this reason, it is extremely important for Landshore® to maintain positive relationships with all our customers.

Pricing is a sensitive issue for various reasons. The very nature and scope of shoreline stabilization projects are complex. In addition, a variety of options with different price points are available to provide a solution.

Several factors influence price:

  • Equipment
  • Labor
  • Time
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Materials
  • Transport

As such, Landshore® starts any project with an engineering feasibility study before offering construction services.

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