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Specializing in Soil Erosion Control, Shoreline Protection, Shoreline Restoration, Shoreline Stabilization and Dewatering since 2002 for Ponds, Lakes and Creeks.


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Landshore® Enterprises, LLC, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and headquartered in Venice, Florida, is a turnkey national design-build environmental company specializing in shoreline erosion control, repair and restoration challenges. Landshore® uses non-structural, bio-engineering and bio-technical methods to fulfill the demands of our clients.

Environmental Engineering

Articulated Concrete Mat

Eco-Filter Tube (EFT®)


Erosion Control Panel (ECP)


Turf Reinforcement Mat

Retaining Walls


Latest Landshore® News

Landshore® Honored

Landshore® Honored

Landshore® Honored Landshore® Enterprises, LLC, accepted recognition from Waterford Master Owners Association, Inc. (WMOA) recently for the successful conclusion of the complete restoration of shore banks for 20 lakes in the community. According to Ron Fazzalaro,...

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Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight

R.H. Moore and Associates recently performed a Project Spotlight in Oakland Park Florida. Landshore Enterprises, LLC contracted and in addition, GGB Engineering, Inc were the engineers. Flexamat and North American Green VMax C350 was used. As a result, this results...

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