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Specializing in Soil Erosion Control, Shoreline Protection, Shoreline Restoration, Shoreline Stabilization and Dewatering since 2002 for Ponds, Lakes and Creeks.


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Landshore® Enterprises, LLC, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and headquartered in Venice, Florida, is a turnkey national design-build environmental company specializing in shoreline erosion control, repair and restoration challenges. Landshore® uses non-structural, bio-engineering and bio-technical methods to fulfill the demands of our clients.

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Latest Landshore® News

How are geotubes used for erosion control?

How are geotubes used for erosion control?

For over 20 years, Landshore® has used variations of geotubes across a variety of projects. Our teams have engineered works ranging from riverbank stabilization to homeowner land reclamation. They’re often known for their sod to waterline aesthetic, frequently seen at...

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How can dredging my pond prevent the growth of algae?

How can dredging my pond prevent the growth of algae?

In the heat of the summer, algae growth can consume a lake or pond. Weird smells, fish kills, and the green spread of algae can make your water features seem intolerable. Algae growth isn't healthy for you or your lake. Let’s talk about some ways to help remedy an...

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