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Specializing in Soil Erosion Control, Shoreline Protection, Shoreline Restoration, Shoreline Stabilization and Dewatering since 2002 for Ponds, Lakes and Creeks.


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Landshore® Enterprises, LLC, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and headquartered in Venice, Florida, is a turnkey national design-build environmental company specializing in shoreline erosion control, repair and restoration challenges. Landshore® uses non-structural, bio-engineering and bio-technical methods to fulfill the demands of our clients.

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Eco-Filter Tube (EFT®)


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How are geotubes used for erosion control?

How are geotubes used for erosion control?

For over 20 years, Landshore® has used variations of geotubes across a variety of projects. Our teams have engineered works ranging from riverbank stabilization to homeowner land reclamation. They’re often known for their sod to waterline aesthetic, frequently seen at...

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