Erosion Control Tips: Drainage & Swales

Along many shorelines, the worst cases of bank erosion often appear at the tail end of swales. These swales accumulate surprising amounts of water from rainfall, sprinkler runoff, and other water events.

Swales are intended to mitigate stormwater runoff and channel the flow away from structures and off the property. Unfortunately, when directed at the shoreline, this rush of water acts as small river and drives with such force that it can exacerbate erosion, gutting material along the shoreline and depositing it into the lake.

bank erosion

Restoring the shoreline becomes an inevitably as the eroding power of rushing water takes its toll.

When Landshore® is presented with these challenges, we look to solve the problem at the source. Along with shoreline restoration efforts, we strongly recommend the installation of drainage systems to funnel the flow of water underneath the shoreline and into the lake, preventing further erosion.

Landshore® drainage installations include an inlet system with a berm on the downhill side to capture the rushing water and divert it through a piping system under our erosion control products and efficiently into the retention area.

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