Landshore® Honored

Landshore® Enterprises, LLC, accepted recognition from Waterford Master Owners Association, Inc. (WMOA) recently for the successful conclusion of the complete restoration of shore banks for 20 lakes in the community.

According to Ron Fazzalaro, President of WMOA, the lakes in the community and golf course presented the largest long-term challenge for owners due to natural erosion processes. They embarked on a feasibility study in 2006 and identified a ‘test’ lake for evaluation. After a successful test an extensive bid specification was developed and a request for proposal was issued to six companies.  During a walk-though with Landshore®, the Board was impressed with the feedback and process-focus of Landshore, concentrating on correct long-term engineering solutions rather than cost. Landshore® was awarded a contract for a pilot project, and Work was started.

The outcome of the pilot lake bank repairs triggered numerous positive discussions, reevaluations and negotiations for the remaining 19 lakes, over several years.   The Board approved the survey and evaluation of every lake in the community as well as an engineering analysis to determine the optimum solution for repair of the eroding banks.  Further, the Board approved a special four-year assessment per household for lake bank repair, in order to correct the problem without putting undue financial burden on the owners. The goal was to restore all lakes for long-term viability and enjoyment. Landshore® embarked on this project in 2013 with the nineteen remaining lakes.

The project concluded in 2018 and Landshore® continues their involvement with monthly inspection and maintenance initiatives. According to Mr. Fazzalaro, project cost was a factor in selecting a contractor, but contractor character and professionalism mattered more.  If Waterford was going to do this project, it was going to be done right.  To do it right required working with a contractor who they trusted to provide the optimal solution, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.  The availability of an engineered solution unique for each lake was paramount, rather than “one size fits all” approach.  He concluded that a long-term solution such as the one Waterford deployed is the best way to make lake restoration affordable to homeowners for a safe and esthetic community.   He pointed to the success of Waterford’s 5-year project as testament to the process.

About Landshore®

Landshore® Enterprises, LLC is a seventeen-year old erosion restoration company deploying proven erosion control and prevention methods. The company has worked on major golf courses in numerous states, large homeowner associations and community development districts. Several stormwater protection projects for cities and counties in Florida and South Carolina reflect the scope of work done by Landshore®. The company works out of Venice, FL with support offices in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Melbourne, FL, as well as South and North Carolina. For more information call 941-303-5238 or visit

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