Project Description

Eco-Filter Tube (EFT®) Solution

The majority of our projects involve the installation of our Eco-Filter Tube (EFT®). It is a very economical erosion control solution. The material for the tubes is made of permeable polypropylene, filled with sand and organic matter, pumped hydraulically from the site’s lake bottom, or if the sand is inadequate in quantity or quality, then sand is brought to the job site. Once filled and properly placed based on engineering specifications and depending on the number of tubes required, the EFT®s will endure for many years. Some benefits using an EFT®:

  • Sand filling the tubes is essential for allowing proper drainage and ensuring an environmental friendly erosion control solution.
  • The sand in the tubes functions as a filter for underwater seepage.
  • The tube protection enhances the quality of the lake water as it keeps environmental threats from entering the body of water.
  • EFT® bypass the need to bring heavy equipment to the job site, preventing the possibility of damage from the large weight of the equipment.

Another advantage to using our EFT® to restore a shoreline: any type of plant, shrub, or ground cover is feasible.

Waterford Before
Waterford During
Waterford After